Borth Wood is magical. It is small, yet, captivating, as from the tales of many a visitor: “you can get lost very easily in Borth Wood. glamoured by the Faery folk, as you try to find all the ancient Beech Groves and never seeming to find them all” It is a native woodland full of old Oak, Holly and Beech.

Many of the Wityar Tree Essences are created here because it is simply so powerful and beautiful to wander through . It is also a famous Bluebell wood.

The Beech is known as “Mother of the Woods”, she holds her canopy high for shade and nourishes the squirrel and birds. There are three Guardian Beech trees at the entrance to the largest Grove. They are the ancient Beech trinity and an essence was laid at each one. The first, a slightly younger tree had young branches at head height that water could be tied to, creating that wonderful unbroken flow. The next had a bees nest in her trunk, giving a powerful mother bee energy, and the last was by far the oldest and she had a tight holly bush at her base, for sacred protection. Together they became the Tri-Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Healing properties of the Beech Trinity Essence:
Taken separately:
The Maiden will assist in bringing joy and optimism to the fore.
It can assist in balancing hormones during menstruation.
The Mother will bring mothering instincts to the fore. Acceptance of motherhood and all its joys.
The Crone will assist gaining female wisdom. Letting go of outdated patterns.

Blessed be Llawen Dryad

Beech Trinity

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