This beautiful Sycamore rests on a slope in one of the most treasured areas of the Isle of Wiht (Wight). It is protected by the National Trust for its rare conservation value of flora and fauna, undisturbed amidst the ancient standing stones and unique to the Isle. It is believesd an Iron Age hill fort may have been here. Old Blackgang is the ancient walkway to the sea, the secret passage of the pirates. It is steeped in history, but nore than that, the ancient Spirits walk this land from a much older time.
This essence was set over the Summer Solstice and the strong solar rays energized and promoted a strong healing essence.

The healing attributes of Sycamore:

Sycamore essence combines sweetness with strength. It can heighten awareness of the good things in life, encouraging growth and fulfilment. Throat, brow and crown charkras are activated.

Sycamore can assist in boosting the actions of the pancreas and small intestine optimising the use of nutrients. It can help energy levels and is good for chronic tiredness and lethargy.

Blessed be Llawen Dryad

Disclaimer - These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

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