sweet chestnut

The young Sweet Chestnut hung its long branches down towards the earth. At wonderful head height, it was simply bobbing in agreement, its leaves inviting me to come closer, swaying around my head, in a youthful way. The much older tree, its mother/father, ( for sweet chestnut are androgynous, and the old tree told me so in a clear way when I listened to its heartbeat) stood some yards away. There was no way I could set an essence using the unbroken energy chain of leaves to branches with this older one. It was too high.. So I went for a walk, and the older tree led me to the younger one, in that neat way, trees have a way of doing. “Ah, there, you are! So now you see me at last!”

This young chestnut was indeed very playful and we had a whole series of falling down holes, hidden in leaves, bramble grabbing, skirts and not letting go, slipping down a hill on a welter of dry leaves, the earth just giving way beneath us. So there was lots of laughter and happiness at the setting of this essence.

And that is the primary teaching of Sweet Chestnut: to lighten up and have a good belly laugh. It is child like, and it is pure. How many generations of children have played beneath the sprawling Sweet Chestnut leaves. And eaten its sweet fruit.
For that sweet fruit holds the memory of ancient wisdom. The Sweet Chestnut is an old tree in this country: one has been reported t be nearly as old as this millennium. It has spread and grown throughout this land and has become part of our traditions in such a way, that we look to Sawhein, the Celtic New Year, and Yuletide to eat of the Sweet Chestnut roasting over the fires; Such a neat way for this old Master to bring us wisdom.

The energy signature of Sweet chestnut is very high, it reaches to the throat, third eye and crown charkras. It clears the mind, gives full voice and deep wisdom to our thoughts.

Is it because it is both male and female?

When I was given the heartbeat of Chestnut, I got the essence of them also. I was given the feeling of a most exquisite balance, of two energies in absolute harmony. It was very gentle, sweet and quiet. Two voices, certainly: but not one trying to override the other. “We are in perfect union” was the message.

The essence was set over the Beltaine Full moon, and in that joyous energy, the sweetest tasting essence was created.

Blessed be Llawen Dryad.

sweet chestnut

Sweet Chestnut in Borth Wood

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