America Wood lies hidden on the out skirts of Shanklin on the southern side of the island. No one, even my most trusted island guides knows why this beautiful little wood gained its name. It is managed by the Woodland Trust and has many areas of magical trees. The winding path leads down to the ancient oak, and holly, which undoubtedly guard the entrance. Their branches reach out and entwine with each other.

The Rowan nestled in a small clearing on the way down to the Oak and Holly. She is a small tree, but the energy is magical. Rowan was revered by the ancients as a female version of the Ash and thereby a “Tree of Life”. This is supported as her branches rarely die away leaving the shape and beauty of rowan, perfect and untouched by time. Rowan is a species of the Rose family and the berries that are the strong characteristic give full colour and magic to Rowan in the autumn months. Rowan is also connected to Brigid of Ireland and Brigantia of England who both herald the honouring of our watercourses and feminine principles of gentleness, creativity and prose. Rowan is under the planetary influence of the sun, and the making of this solar essence, at such a high summer time was clearly very powerful.

The healing attributes of Rowan:

The essence of Rowan can lift depressed spirits and bring about serenity because of its spiritual life-giving nature. It will allow us to find strength of spirit and purpose within chaotic surroundings. Through the visual senses it can heal the human spirit. It is very good for creative thinking.

It is an astringent and has antibiotic qualities.

Blessed be Llawen Dryad

Spirit Rainbow with Maple and Beech trees at Old Blackgang

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