The two yews at Brading down are in unison, a synergy of healing, of mother yew and young male yew. At the setting of the essence at the male yew, who stands, as guardian at the entrance of the walkway into the wooded copse, the spirit of a young male wolf entered and stood with the tree, head held high, alone, independent: a free spirit. It was this energy being gifted to the essence. Quintessentially it marked the signature of this essence, male energy, young, free in command of all it surroundings and environment.

The healing attributes of the young yew essence will assist in breaking free of old habits and patterns, giving the strength and courage to be reborn in a new lifestyle or new pathway. Timidity and reluctance born of fear can diminish by connecting to the energy of yew. It is particularly good for young people about to embark on a new pathway,, (university, new job) and who need clarity of vision and purpose

Combined with the spirit energy of Wolf, clear-sightedness and intelligence are combined to bring great moral strength.
The mother yew, living a few paces from her son, fell at some point in her life and she has re-rooted herself on the edge of the escarpment. A steep walk down to set this essence, that holds her energy of complete steadfastness, compassion, and gentleness in death and rebirth. Hers is the dark softness of the night, held with dreams, and hers is the pure loyalty of mothering. With this essence came the energy of birds’ loyalty to their young, and their heavy toil and labour in securing a good life and a free life for their young fledglings. The bird’s nest where the second essence was set, transferred this signature of parental devotion and love to the essence. The birds had flown the nest, gone to start their new life and the parents now needed to rest and reflect on their life.

The healing attributes of the mother Yew will assist in the steps towards croneship, bringing serenity and calmness to review the “bigger picture”. It can calm the nervous system, and help to stem emotional overload.
It can assist the emotional system, in the necessary process of letting go, symbolised in the strength and intricacy of the bird’s nest, of siblings flying the nest and leaving home.

These two essences are a “pair”, a synergy that can be used together, for both young and older people.
Blessed be

Under the Oaks, beside the Water
Llawen Dryad

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