Mother Beech Fungi

mother Beech

Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight is a new forest lying on ancient Druid ground. A Druid centre was situated here, and the energies within this beautiful area are very powerful. Elemental energies safeguard specific places. One such magical area is what is called the Druid Dew Pool, or pond that gets filled up at specific times of the year, seemingly from nowhere. It is old: it is magical and this is where the Mother Beech Fungi was laid on the Winter Solstice Full Moon.

The Fungi was found in another very special area. Further up the forest there is a magical little wood with exceptional trees. The oak and the beech are growing in unity, so close to each other, they have made a marriage: they have intertwined, both roots and branches bind around each other: to see it, is to marvel.

An ancient mother beech offered up a fungi which has many healing properties.

the mother beech fungi essences were made from bracken fungi growing on Beech tree
close up of bracket fungi
The bracket fungi the essence is made from
A bracket Fungi growing on a Beech tree
Close up of the Bracket Fungi


Physical uses: This essence can help facilitate and ease the passage of menopause. It can ease night sweats and sooth mood swings associated with menopause. A calm and centered place can be reached using this powerful essence for all women, and men who acknowledge their own change of life time.

mother beech tree

Disclaimer - These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

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