A beautiful Maple tree stands at the entrance to the willow sacred spring at Shide.  Its leaves form a cloak cascading down to the ground. Enter into the magic of Shide spring, through this green arch and you are transported into another time.

The blossom created by this beautiful tree, gave off the most deep scent, the flowers were seeped in the spring water here for several days to give a powerful tincture, the sun was very strong through these days and the resulting essence holds the delicate healing of the blossom together with  healing rays of the sun.

The healing attributes of Maple Blossom:
This essence combines sweetness and strength. . It releases  tensions and brings about a much heightened awareness of the “sweetness of life”. It relaxes and helps nutrients to assimilate in the body. The throat, brow and crown charkras are  activated bringing about  clearer insights and ability to make changes happen.
The  main energy of the maple spirit is  to feel the sustained deep energy of universal love.

Blessed be Llawen Dryad

Spirit Rainbow with Maple and Beech trees at Old Blackgang

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