Bowcombe Down lies just west of the centre of the island. On the ridge lies a beautiful pine wood, with a row of Scots Pine standing tall as sentinels and guardians.

The young Larch is nestling in amongst conifers. Larch is the only deciduous conifer in Europe and it is an exceptional tree.
It is fast growing, yet can live for 700 years.

Its colour changes to orange gold in Autumn, showing creative instincts and wisdom combined.
Its small cones, from the female flower stay on the tree for a long time and these are very resinous. It has a beautiful aroma, unlike many other pines. It is subtle. The needles are soft and bushy. It is a gentle tree. All these attributes bring an essence into being that is reflective and calming. It gives a strong feeling for the desire to express. Creativity without mental barriers is a signature of this essence.

It is aligned to the throat and sacral charkras.

Healing attributes to Larch:
This essence can assist in clearing blockages that prevent communication. It can clear the throat.
It can create a positive energy for creative expression. And, because of the gentle nature of Larch, can promote reflective thinking and inner wisdom. It can help those with low self-esteem problems, and increases the will to succeed.
It can assist in healing area around sacral charkra, I.e. kidneys and bladder.



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