Elder, the ancient Wyche,s tree stands sentinel along the cliffs at Old Blackgang. These ancient ones are battered and blown by the sea winds and they are exceptionally strong knarled and full of spirit. But their flowers promise healing and magic. Elder in flower is simply beautiful and those white blossoms shine amidst the green like no other.

This exceptional essence was set on the Summer Solstice, with very strong solar energy. And a huge wind, which buffeted both tree and essence. They held firm and the energy that was gifted into this essence is one of steadfastness and power in staying calm within chaos. This was the message the Dryad, the old lady spoke of, and this essence bubbled with energy when it was set. The elder flowers transferred their healing power to the water and the aroma was heady indeed.

Healing attributes of Elder, (in flower):
Elder holds the highest resonance to Spirit. It can calm the inner mind, focus on emotional release from blocked spiritual bodies. It can bring calm amidst chaos and heighten self-esteem.

Elder can be soothing to the upper respitory tract. It can help alleviate bronchitis, colds and can sooth headaches.

Disclaimer - These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

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