Dragonfly and Celestite


The beautiful, stunning island dragonflies are still seen along the River Yar. Flashing glimpses of blue and green are startling: they remind us of those days when magical powers broke through our mundane realities , breaking illusions, sending our spirit to a higher place.

There are legends that say the Dragonfly was once Dragon, full of ancient wisdom, and sovereign over the land, flying through the night bringing light with its fiery breath. The breath of Dragon brought forth the art of magic and the illusion of changing form.

This essence was laid by the River Yar over the Lammas New Moon. Lammas is a time for the celebration of harvest, everything is bursting with fullness and with the New Moon comes fresh beginnings.

Dragonfly is a gatekeeper to the elemental world, so close to the nature spirits, and linked with Celestite, itself, a powerful crystal of communication, this essence can assist in bringing us closer to the elemental world. But care and complete respect should be shown.

Dragonfly essence can assist in changing worn out habits that no longer serve you. Like the fleeting flashes of iridescent colour , your mind can be opened to many new possibilities and can be inspirational in bringing change.

Celestite is the crystal of clear communication, aligned to Gemini, it promotes lucid thinking and all mental activities. It is also very good for dream recall, celestite has "stories to tell". It assists well in clairaudience providing a lucid channel for messages to come through. It is an excellent healing crystal, particularly this blue celestite which cleanses any area, transmuting pain and detoxifies. clogged organs.

Uniting the magic of Dragontly with the healing power of Celestite in one essence, it honours the ancient lore of the Isle of Wiht It can be used as an Earth essence, on the land, where the dragon lies her large, beautiful back right across the Isle.


Disclaimer - These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

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