Oak Beech Union     Oak Beech Union

Within the area of the ancient Parkhurst Forest there lies a secret. It is a tiny copse within a huge area of deciduous and evergreens. This little beech and oak copse handed up a miracle of loving union that at once stills the “monkey brain”, opens the heart chakra and definitely brings a lump to the throat . It is simply beautiful.

For the oak and beech, these two old trees, the mother and father of all the small and growing beech and oak in this copse, have joined together, psychically, at root and branch, intertwining, wrapping their branches around each other in the most beautiful embrace I have ever witnessed. It is breathtaking.

The Essence was laid in the magical gap in-between these two giant trees and amongst the branches. The energy flow is powerful and very healing.

Healing Attributes
In loving embrace the oak holds the beech. This essence can assist in healing damaged relationships. Devotion, compassion and empathy for each other can re-emerge as a driving force for positive change and reconciliation

The Beech can assist in treating arrogance, faultfinding criticism, pride and mental rigidity. The Oak can provide those healing forces of strength, courage and steadfastness when our souls are flagging.

Both beech and oak can also assist in many skin ailments. Place a few drops in a bath, and visualize the loving embrace of Beech/Oak to bring calm and serenity back into your life

These two are archetypal partners: as beech is known as the “Mother of the Woods” (who provides huge sustenance to wildlife and a dappled sunlit canopy for shade and protection) and the “King Oak” whose ancient wisdom comes from great longevity.

Oak Beech Union

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