Borth Wood is magical. It is Faery. You can get lost in Borth Wood, even though it is tiny and the trails are clear. There are Beech groves, but you can never find them all. They hide from you, and then you get lost. Borth Wood is healing. The trails are lined with beautiful holly arches, through which you can come out the other side and feel healed: literally. There is Holly twinned with Oak. Twisting swirling Oaks whose thick branches dance in the sky because they are exactly where they are meant to be, on ancient land through which power lines course. When you look up, you see the Oaks dancing in the sky, a silent dance to a rhythm we have long forgotten.

And then there are the bluebells. People come from all over to walk through Borth Wood at bluebell time. They carpet the ground everywhere, and the fragrance is intoxicating. This year, (2006), the bluebells coincided with Beltaine full moon and at their very height of energy and sun-hot fragrance, the bluebells were used to create this Wihtyar essence in a beautiful glade in Borth Wood.

Bluebells have a very high resonance, the throat and third eye can be activated with bluebell. And it can have huge healing properties for the ear, nose and throat region. It can assist in clearing clogged up hearing passages and sinus. It can help with deafness.

This essence can assist in clearing away old, stagnant emotions, its clear blue colour will resonate with new ideas coming forward and clearer thinking. Bluebell has a strong link to the higher Spiritual realms. Meditate with this essence to reach your guardians and spirit helpers.

Blessed be
Llawen Dryad.

bluebells in Borth Wood

Disclaimer - These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

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