The Ancient Ash and the Citrine Crystal

ash tree

This Essence was laid, at one of the oldest Ash trees I have ever had the honour to meet. With the solar energy crystal of Citrine, it was created over the Summer Solstice 2005, with a full moon in Capricorn and at a time when the moon was closest to the earth, in twelve years.

This mighty Ash is much older than the usual 250-year life span. Its girth takes a full five people arm stretch to encircle its most narrow point. It is like being with the most ancient of Oaks trees. Gogmagog. It is hidden and it is protected, sitting at the base of a high cliff, sheltered all around by tall trees. It gifted a leaf twig from its highest branches, which came fluttering down and was laid in the island spring water covering the Citrine crystal.

The Ash is known as Yuggadrysil, the Tree of Life, that gave birth to man and woman who lived in its branches.

Ash holds the balanced energies of solar and spiritual attunement, (its sooty buds reaching ever upwards to the sun) and with its deep roots: Ash connects with lunar, water and tidal energy; the Feminine attributes of intuition and feelings.

The Ash can help to bring harmony and disciplines the mind. All who gather to the Ash tree can assimilate harmony and achieve balance.

Physical uses: Ash can be a good calmer, a rescue remedy in cases of hysteria. It can also help with deafness. Releasing stagnations, Ash can be a relief for constipation, fevers and rheumatism.


Citrine is a crystal aligned to the Solar Plexus; it virtually brings sunshine into your life, a lifting of negative energies and replaces these with a childlike enthusiasm and fun.

Physical uses: This crystal never needs cleansing for it transmutes negativity so well. It has been used to increase visual abilities, balance the thyroid and activate the thymus.

Disclaimer - These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The medicinal information comes from traditional lore and is not proved or endorsed by modern medical practitioners.

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