The Three Ray Essences is about the alchemy of healing, unity within the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body. It is the Sacred Trinity, which enfolds all Life. From a vision given at the Chalice Well in 2002, the guidance for this union was gifted. Three hooded figures arose from the Well head, one holding the cross, for the devotional Ray, the other holding the pentagram, for the Earth healing ray, and in the centre, this figure held the Caduceus, the alchemical, hermetic ray.  This powerful vision holds the key of knowledge and wisdom on many levels. It is the embodiment of all energies that flow and within the sacred Avalon,

This essence was created in Glastonbury, near the winter solstice, 2004. The Holm Oak sits in a beautiful shaded area on a small ridge running alongside the ruins. It has grown impressively tall and holds sentinel over the Abbey. The energy radiating out is like a gentle but very ancient guardian spirit. The Holm Oak is an evergreen and has the qualities of oak and holly combined. This makes the tree a champion of endurance and longevity with the essence of stimulating change and resolving long held negative habits. With Aqua Aura, a crystal that is known as a master healer, for the inclusion of Gold, this essence will reach deep to cellular levels and is helpful for boosting the immune system.

St Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury



The Holm Oak sits in a beautiful shaded area on a small ridge running alongside Glastonbury Abbey. She has grown to an impressive height, almost as tall as the highest tower of the Abbey ruins. She holds sentinel over the Abbey. The energy radiating out is like a gentle but so very ancient guardian Spirit. She made her presence felt and called out to me, when I first started the Three Rays Essence at the Ash tree along Paradise walk. The Three Rays holds the energy of Christ consciousness, the Christos, and the Holm Oak seemed to be called to activate that element in the essence making, because of the location, within the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey. Situated along the Michael and Mary line, the Abbey creates a haven of sheer peace, amidst the frenetic milieu of Glastonbury town. Entering the Abbey, you leave Nuage infringements way behind. All the superficiality of “Spiritual super marketing” disappears into the void, from whence it came.

I came to the Holm Oak on very cold, crisp winters day, very close to Winter Solstice. The days are so short, I looked at the fading light, and spectacular sunset, at mid afternoon, thinking of the sheer transient beauty of this time of year. When we approach the challenge between the Holly and the Oak king, we know the victor will bring the sun back over the New Year to warm our bones, and give energy to plants and animals. The Holm Oak, not native of this country, being evergreen, sits aside of this battle of the seasons. Some call her the Holy Oak, for she grows to a massive size and old age, like her deciduous cousin, but remains like the Holly, forever green. This coupling of the Holly and the Oak, makes this tree a champion of endurance and longevity, and for me, knowing her like a friend, the most inspiring source of creativity. She is the Creative Source , a guiding spirit for all humans to link into. She is very saddened by the self-abuse she sees us do to ourselves. She is like a painter of the filigree filaments of the creative web, the highest energy holding this creative force.
I will not apologise for genderizing the Holm oak, for that is how she showed herself to me, after ordering me to “put that cigarette out” if I wanted to sit near her. She showed me how she creates with these white filaments, for she is bright white and flowing herself, as both part of the Web and creatress of the web.

I laid the essence, Chalice water and the Aqua Aura crystal in a neat cleft inside the trunk. Almost two trees have grown, growing outwards to give a breath- taking girth. She has grown in a beautiful shape, also, with branches reaching back down to the Earth and outwards to almost touch the tip of the Abbey ruins. She leans over, too, as if to reach out to the Abbey. She is absolutely astounding, a corker of a tree! I feel she is in permanent communion with the spirits within the Abbey, as if giving a pledge never to forsake them nor they, her, and as I sat on the bench, on the edge of the tiny ridge, (the best place to sit to view the Abbey) I lost present time and was drawn most gently in to the Spirits of Glastonbury Abbey. That time was lived in gentleness, caring, respect and total trust: all the elements that make Love grow into the Christos and the Earth, so when we walk that beautiful ground, that is exactly what we feel and become replenished ourselves.

The Aqua Aura Crystal

The Aqua Aura chose itself, and as I learned more of the union between this crystal and the Holm Oak, I realized how balanced and in keeping with their companion energies they both are to each other.

The Aqua Aura is often called a master healer, for it combines the qualities of quartz crystal and gold together. Quartz crystal is a receiver, transmitter and transducer, and in that capacity it receives healing energy, transmits this energy and can change energies and frequencies to amplify the first two. Quartz crystal is used in many things, even in this computer I’m using to write this booklet.
When gold is added, by the alchemical fusion by this metal into the quartz, it takes Aqua Aura onto a high plane for healing work. Gold was used in ancient civilizations to cure many ills, and is still used today for the most acute diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease that affects the immune system and goes to the cellular level. Gold was recognised for its power in  ceremonial work, and therefore was regarded as a precious metal.
Aqua Aura holds the Blue Ray, the ray of hermetic healing: it is alchemical. It will reach to the inner levels and is known for aligning the DNA structure and strengthening cellular growth.

 Combining this with the Holm Oak, makes this essence very powerful. The Holm Oak radiates the energy of pure creativity, longevity and endurance. It is strongly compassionate. 

Three Rays Essences


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