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The Three Ray Essences is about the alchemy of healing, unity within the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body. It is the Sacred Trinity, which enfolds all Life. From a vision given at the Chalice Well in 2002, the guidance for this union was gifted. Three hooded figures arose from the Well head, one holding the cross, for the devotional Ray, the other holding the pentagram, for the Earth healing ray, and in the centre, this figure held the Caduceus, the alchemical, hermetic ray.  This powerful vision holds the key of knowledge and wisdom on many levels. It is the embodiment of all energies that flow and within the sacred Avalon,

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This special essence was created in Godney, a very ancient and little disturbed area within Avalon, where water once submerged the land, and is now marshland, and meadows. Hawthorn line the edges of many meadows. It is heavy with the scent and colour, both the white and pink blossom, with the coming of the “May”. Two particular trees “sang” and they were close to each other, their branches forming an arch, one pink and one white, and the shape they created was a heart, standing proud from all the others.


The Hawthorn is a “Heart” tree. It resonates to joy and love and why the tradition of bringing in the ‘May” at Beltaine is still honoured to this day. The heart quickens and romance is in the air. Hawthorn provides sustenance, both spiritual and physical. It is called the “bread and cheese” tree, for wanderers of old would eat of the Hawthorn leaves on their travels and it would fill them up and keep hunger at bay.


Hawthorn is known as “Valerian of the Heart”, for it is valuable as a heart stimulant. It radiates qualities of growth and health and modern science has now shown that Hawthorn contains chemical components that are sedative, anti-spasmodic, diuretic. This makes Hawthorn a natural regulator of arterial blood pressure.


This essence should bring a sense of well-being, and of feeling more alive and vital. For those who feel depressed or weighed down with problems, this essence will assist in rising above and creating a new enthusiasm for life.


pink hawthorn
Pink Hawthorn tree

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