This Ash tree sat beautifully tucked into a meadow farmland on the route of Paradise Walk, that walk I had always wanted to find, during many short visits to Glastonbury. It is the old Druid way, according to the well informed. I had not found it, in all those visits, but I had found this majestic Ash tree. The first visit, in fact. Certain trees pull you to them: they find you, and if you think about their life, stationary and sentient, knowing their relationship to humans, it requires a different call, a different language for us to take notice. It's about feeling and we "see" with the "heart-eye". Intuition guided me here. But more than that, like meeting a soul mate, it feels like fate. That's how it is with trees if you love being with them. You think of them when you are gone and if you are thinking right now that they don't feel the same, I can show that they do!

I had always wanted to be with Gog and Magog, those ancient Oak guardians of the Isle of Avalon. So much legend is associated with them. They are older than recorded history, some say. That is ancient! I had parked my tent, with a dear friend from the Isle of Wight right at the edge of the Campsite. We were both there for the Rose Weekend workshop at Fragrant Earth, opting for this over the pull to Pilton and David Bowie. We talked late into the evening listening to the low thud of megawatts coming from Glastonbury Festival and discussed in a mild way of how we could jump the fence!.

Very early the next morning, I was shocked out of a beautiful sleep by the insistent cawing of a very large crow, which all but nosed its way into my tent. I turned and groaned. Again it gave its might to a loud cawing. By the third time, I knew the only way to stop it was to get up and poke my nose out of the flap. I watched it fly over to the large overhanging branch of an Oak, no more than eight feet away. Again it cawed, and suddenly inspiration flooded into my sleepy brain. I got up and ran over to the tree and knew it was Gog, with Magog right beside him. I looked up at the crow, recognition in both our eyes, and he flew away. I crept under the hedge and fences that bar them to the public, and just sat for a long time. The spirit of a tree reaches out to you, and you feel the character of that spirit in your heart. It is seeing with the heart- eye. This was like the oldest grandfather with thousands of year's wisdom encoded in his soul. So glad to meet this young soul again, he reaches out to meet in spirit. That it as close as I can come to describing how it felt. It is real and it is reciprocal, and they never forget us……

Several years down the line, I again found myself by Gog Magog, this time in less than happy circumstances. I was walking around with a broken heart,(man- trouble.) This hard man was with me at the time. Suddenly, I received a text message. It was from my friend, who shared the magic of that first time by the oaks those years ago. I had not heard from her for a long time. She suddenly felt the urge to call me, remembering at that very moment, the Oaks and our time there. I believe that dear beloved Gog oak wrapped his soul round both of us to make me remember much happier times. (I ditched the guy! And I am writing this instead)

So to the great Ash I went. You need to choose the power times of the tree, when making an essence. Each tree has its season. For Ash it is when those big, black buds are fully formed, curling the branches to the heavens. It feels like the tree spirit is bursting to climb up to the stars. The sap is rising and you can literally feel it rejoicing. This tree had more branches than trunk. They spread up and outwards to a great height. That is what I like about Ash, it loves to climb great heights, and so you immediately get hooked on that feeling of "anything is possible".

It is called Yuggadrysil, the tree of Life and I can fully understand why Odin, that great Nordic god, climbed up the Ash, and hung out there to find Wisdom and received for his dedication, the knowledge of the Runes.

This ash stands at the gateway to Paradise Walk, the ancient way of the Druids, that lead down to Gog / Magog. When you walk past it, you feel the energy levels rising. So, on this day, I walked slowly, using a dowser, to feel the exact lines, and found it surging into a feminine energy the closer I got to the ash. They say Ash has male polarity? But this doesn't make a jot of sense to me, as I have met with two trees of the same species, who are most certainly partners, male and female, planted near to each other, by bird or man, and no more than a few hundred yards away the greatest of marriage partners of all Gog Magog themselves!

Whenever possible I always make an essence without cutting any part of the tree. This means tying the container (very clean jam jars are great!) onto the branch with the spring water and branch tip inside. This way the cycle is undisturbed, the energy flow intact. However, I'm well past youthful tree climbing and in this instance, those beautiful black buds were all of fifteen feet up. I asked for help, and it came in an amazing way. I walked down to Gog Magog and on the way saw a tree had very recently been felled. It was a beautiful ash and I was both shocked and amazed. You don't fell an Ash without very good reason. But this one was down, and after leaving an offering; I was able to pick a branch tip for the essence.

There were two glass containers full of chalice water tucked neatly into a niche between the two main branches leading from the trunk. In one, the ash twig sat just covered by the water. In the other, the crystal, Elestial, sat submerged. Elestial is a crystal that holds powerful energies, a very high vibration that resonates to the higher charkas. It is like tourmalinated and rutilated quartz, with many inclusions and can have a haze like smoky quartz. I was new to this crystal; "it found me" is the well-known phrase amongst crystal healers. After many months of non -attention to crystals, particularly because in the UK, they are shamefully overpriced, (most of my crystals I found in south Africa), this Elestial drew me over to look closer. I always go away when this happens, to find out how strong the "pull" is and to meditate on it for a day or two. The pull was indeed strong, and with an empty purse and the Elestial, I knew the third crystal had been found to join the petrified wood and the aqua aura, for the Three Ray Essences.

The moon was waxing and shining down beautifully, the sky clear. I sat with the ash for some time, making a connection with the energy and linking it to the other trees (oak and yew). Because the vision I had been given about the Three Rays came from the depths of the Chalice Well, I had in mind to make the complete Three Rays Quintessence, all brought together in powerful form to heal the waters of this land, many of our water courses are choked up with chemicals and other peoples shit!

The Yew was most certainly, the great yew at Compton Dundon, older than recorded time, older than the church, St. Andrews that sits just beside it. I was pondering on the oak, (I wanted to find two oaks in a magical area, only visited once, guided by a chance acquaintance), when a series of images came in, one of the Holm Oak in the Abbey grounds and then of my friend Suzanne, a great specialist on essences and trees. "Phone her" came the words. I left the essence to the lunar energies and went home to phone. Suzanne said without any prompting, "How about the Holm Oak at the Abbey."

So, all was in place, that evening, at the great Ash tree and next day, I went to collect the essence. I was told very strongly, to avoid rain entering the essence. This may be because, at that time, there was pollution in the clouds, I only know I had to run hard to reach it before the first drops started to fall!

The essence is filtered through gauze to remove any foreign bodies, and mixed 50%/50% with alcohol. No time can be wasted with this, as the alcohol "fixes" the essence and all the healing power within. Clean medicine bottles from Boots are great for this and quite cheap. They must be brown, or blue, never clear, as the essence needs to be protected from extra solar and other emissions around the environment.

Labelling is very important. The place, tree, time of day/year, solar/ lunar/ stellar activity and also type of alcohol needs to be recorded. The alcohol needs to be identical when making up the dosage bottles.

There is normally the homeopathic dose of 7 drops of mother tincture to a dosage bottle, that is 50% spring water to 50% alcohol.

See with your Heart-Eye and be with a tree.

Images and feelings are the language of trees along with inner words and sometimes-strong directives. They communicate with us all the time, every time we pass, they are communicating in this beautiful hidden, secret language, one- to- one, offering us such wisdom and such compassion, it is heartbreaking when we pass on by, oblivious to the treasure they want us to have. They are great teachers.

One afternoon, I was relaxing in the Chalice gardens, after a long session with tutor, Colin Kingshott, an amazing researcher and pioneer on tree essences. The only snag was, he couldn't allow any taping of the session, as it was of an innovative nature. I am partially deaf and lost quite a bit. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, there, under the Willow, whose very nature is compassion in sorrow and bereavement: a very consoling tree, willow. Suddenly, this loud voice of Colin's came shooting in, like I had Sony headphones on, speaking back the lecture in my head!!! It was sheer joy, and I picked up some points I had missed. She (Willow) wanted me know, in particular, that every essence needs to stay in close contact with the mother tree. Could I please make sure that all mother tinctures have a piece of fallen bark, twig, nut or berry to stay with it.

This I always try to do, and I'm sharing it with you.

From Willow and Llawen Dryad, with love.

Three Rays Essences


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