Three Rays Essence - ASH & ELESTIAL CRYSTAL

The Three Ray Essences is about the alchemy of healing, unity within the physical body, the mental body and the spiritual body. It is the Sacred Trinity, which enfolds all Life. From a vision given at the Chalice Well in 2002, the guidance for this union was gifted. Three hooded figures arose from the Well head, one holding the cross, for the devotional Ray, the other holding the pentagram, for the Earth healing ray, and in the centre, this figure held the Caduceus, the alchemical, hermetic ray.  This powerful vision holds the key of knowledge and wisdom on many levels. It is the embodiment of all energies that flow and within the sacred Avalon,

This essence was created with an ancient Ash near the beginning of Paradise Walk, the ancient Druid walkway, near Glastonbury Torr. This walk leads to the two sacred Oaks, Gog Magog.
It was in early springtime and the black buds, reaching for the heavens and the sun were at their fullest. This rising sap, the solar strength present in this essence will assist in rejuvenating flagging circulation, and will boost the circulatory system. It will heal negative emotional states. The Ash's roots also reach deep into the earth, connecting with water causes, and are linked to the lunar and tidal feelings. It is there fore both masculine and feminine. The essence will help bring balance to yin and yang forces within.
The Ash is known as Yggdrasil, the Tree of life, as a fountain of Life, immortality and the eternal.
Elestial crystal
The Elestial complements the Ash, for it holds a very high vibration and resonates to the higher charkras.


Common Ash Fraxinus excelsior.

Common ash is very tall and the branches grow to form a dome shape. It flourishes on a lime-rich soil; one of the best examples is the limestone “pavement” in the Peak district. The bark is green-grey and with age it splits causing fissures to form up its trunk. The wood is coarse grained, pure white and exceptionally tough and because of these qualities is used for making oars, handles for axes, hammers, hockey sticks, tennis rackets and skis. In fact any tool that will require many hard knocks. Though grown for its timber, the ash comes in different forms; such as the Weeping Ash, a popular and ornamental tree.

The male and female flowers often appear on the same tree, but on separate trigs, giving a purple colour to the tree before the leaves come out. Ash flowers open in April, well before the leaves appear. They are thick bunches of purple-headed stamens. There are no petals to ash flowers, only stamens. The seed vessels, which are green and shaped like small bottles, stand between two stamens. Where they can be fertilized by the wind. Each flower is both male and female, but sometimes there are no seed vessels produced by the tree, and because of this, the tree will not develop fruit. This gives the appearance as more male or female in character.

Ash is one of the last trees to leaf, and the very distinctive black leaf buds grow on the end of Ash branches, which become flattened towards the tip. These buds are unique to Ash, not found on any other tree. Hairs flattened by an oozy resin that is black causes the buds’ black appearance against the sky. It is undeniably powerful to see these buds silhouetted against a clear blue sky, the branches thrusting heavenwards. This is solar energy, the yang force, a counterbalance to the deep-water energy of embedded root systems that tap into watercourses way below the earth surface. Ash maintains a wonderful balance between these two forces and aligns to the much needed healing of male and female in modern humans, at this time. Many different cultures have honoured this tree as sacred, the Tree of Life, because of this gift and ability to hold within its structure and growth, wisdom of the original life force.

The seeds
 It is again unique to Ash that the seeds form together like a bunch of keys. They are held in long flat seed vessels, hanging from long stalks. They go brown and brittle in autumn, rustle and blow with autumn winds and fall, spinning in the air to settle at our feet, or on our shoulders, or we catch them and feel blessed, holding “the key” to secrets we already know. Children call them “spinners” and love to chase and catch the “key”. What magic is this from the majestic, beautiful Ash, that gifts us such treasures all year round?

The roots
The Ash is deeply rooted, which ensures that the tree stands firm in mighty gales and enables its life span to be several hundred years. At 40 or 50 years old it is mature and will only then produce fertile fruit. The roots of the Ash spread out for some distance from the tree and tend to exhaust the soil. They sour the earth somewhat, which discourages other plant life to grow around or under the tree.

It is believed in many ancient cultures that the essence of humankind originated from the Ash tree.
It is indeed the Tree of Life.


East Field, Wilts., UK 15/7/02 C. Photo: Steve Alexander 

Yggdrasil is the Scandinavian name given to the mighty Ash, as the fountain of Life, immortality and the eternal. This legend has passed through time, to reach us, in this present day, where so many aching hearts are searching for spiritual and cultural validation that is our bedrock of life: if the Ash really represents the immortal aspect of humanity, then this legend is a real manifestation to underpin that supposition. True cultural wisdom is eternal and will seep through the crevices, like deep spring water through wizened and craggy rocks, the hardened and cynical element to our modern, destructive societies, it trickles still onto our consciousness. For me, this is a miracle, among many, our clogged minds will not acknowledge. If we did, if we all drank that trickle, then we would see the vast ocean it sprang from and come together in respect, trust, care and intimacy: the four elements of Love. 

The gods meet in council beneath the branches of Yggdrasil: its roots are in the depth of the underworld. The trunk passes through Middle Earth, and the branches are in the Heavens. The tree unites the three worlds. From its roots rises the fountain Hvergelmir, the source of all rivers and earthly time. The dragon Nidhogg, the Dread Biter, representing the malevolent forces of the universe, constantly attacks the root. Odin’s charger browses on its leaves, and in  its boughs, the eagle of light and the serpent of darkness are in perpetual conflict. The squirrel, Ratatost, carries dual energies of the mischief-maker, the Heyoka and the constructive messenger between the three worlds. There are the four stags in the branches, representing the four winds, which browse on the leaves. The leafs are renewed by the attention of the Three Norns or Fates, who water the tree. The solar cock, symbolising vigilance, is sometimes depicted in the branches.
Odin hung on the tree for nine nights and days to gain wisdom, and discovered the Runes. Magicians and Medicine people can travel the Bifrost ( a rainbow), which connects Midgard and Asgard,and is guarded by Heimdall. Similarly, a bridge of ice, guarded by the goddess Mordgud, connects Midgard and Hel.

The nine worlds of Yggdrasil are:

Asgard   (abode of the Aesir pantheon)
Lightalfheim   (abode of the Light Elves)
Vanaheim  (abode of the Vanir pantheon)
Midgard     (Middle Earth)
Muspellheim   (realm of fire)
Nifelheim  (realm of fog)
Svartalfheim  (abode of the Dark Elves, or dwarves)
Jotunheim  (abode of the ice giants)
Hel  (realm of the dead)


The Well of Wyrd is in Asgard. The Three Norns dwell there, weaving the fate of humanity. It is called Valhalla. The Three Fates are:  Urd (fate), Skuld (being) and Verthandi (necessity). They nourish the tree, which is constantly decaying due to the creatures that browse upon it.

Thewell of Mimir, somewhere in Midgard, contains the oracular head of Mimir, a wise giant killed in battle. The well of Mimir is also a metaphor for the starry deeps of space and the night.

Odin hung on the world tree for nine days and nights to gain wisdom. Hanging on a tree was a magical practise to induce altered states, hence the Tarot card of the Hanged man, who is traditionally depicted with a serene expression and the crossed legs of the enlightened.

I know that I hung on a windswept tree’
Swung there nights all nine,
Gashed with a blade,
Bloodied for Odin,
Myself an offering to myself,
Knotted to that tree,
That no man knows,
Whither the roots of it run.

None gave me bread,
None gave me drink,
Down to the depths I peered
To take up the Runes
With a roaring scream
And fell back in a dizzy swoon.

(Stanzas  138-139, The Havamal)

Extract form the Enchanted forest by Yvonne Aburrow.
Pg. 19-21


"Yggadrasill was the epitome of the guardian tree and its legends strengthened the traditions of planting such trees near settlements, homes and sacred sites. Conceptually it marked the centre of the universe around which everything flowed it it united the heavens and the earth. When the end of the world threatened, Yggdrasill reputedly shook and trembled, as it was believed by many tribes that souls were born in its branches. As the tree’s life was constantly renewed, it was symbolic of the constant regeneration of the universe by which mankind can attain immortality."

"In the northern creation myths, the gods created humans form two ash trees on the seashore, and placed them onto the earth. The earth itself had been created from the body of Ymir, a giant who appeared from the initial fusion of fire from the South and ice from the North. The original natures of a man and woman were created though the World Tree, and named Askr and Embla respectively. As a source of new life, or life continuous legend tells how a man and a woman shelter in the World Tree during terrible winters, feeding on the tree’s mead-like liquid until they step forth to re-people the earth in the following spring."

Excerpt from Tree Wisdom by Jacqueline Memory Paterson
Pgs. 148- 150

Most European peoples were of mixed but common descent, and their myths, deities And Rites were mainly variations on a theme. Celtic tribes had an ash god named Gwydion, who is identified with Odin. It was he who became supreme in pre-Roman Britain, replacing the ancient British alder god Bran.

Some tribes placed the Ash god as their chief deity, recognising their sacred king in his earthly incarnation. One of his duties was to make rain, and for this he used ash sprigs. Primeval legend tells of a time before agriculture, when the samaras, the seed bearing ash keys, were consumed as a staple part of daily diet. Even recently they were preserved in salt and vinegar and eaten as a pickle.

Magical lore associated with Ash
The ash was used for divination and charms. Druids made wands from Ash as it is linked to the gods Poseidon, Odin and is linked to thunder.

Children suffering from rickets used to be passed through a split ash nine times. Thereafter, the life of the child was dependant on the life of the tree; if the tree was cut down the illness would return and the patient might die..

In some parts, the method used was to split a young ash sapling longitudinally, then pass the child through the fissure, three times, often at sunrise. Then the cleft was bound up and plastered with mud and clay. As the fissure healed up, so did the child. Ash solar crosses were made and carried whilst at sea as protection.

It was also used to get rid of warts; in Cheshire the custom was to rub warts with bacon, cut a slit in the bark of an ash, and place the bacon in the slit. The warts were then supposed to disappear from the sufferer’s hand, reappearing as knobbly bits on the ash’s bark.
Ash is sacred to Poseidon, god of the sea.

Ash leaves place under the pillow are said to induce prophetic dreams; and a garter made of the green bark was made as a protection against sorcery.

The first nail parings of newborn babies were place under ash trees to make them good singers.

Ash placed in water by the bedside was said to ward off illness;(but the water needs to be replaced nightly).

Excerpt from The Enchanted Forest (the magical lore of trees) by Yvonne Aburrow.
Pg; 60

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